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work in process

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art work in times of pandemic - a real creative challenge!

pandemic challenge
The circumstances for art work currently for all art groups are difficult and often different in the details. The covid19 situation was sometimes challenging and limiting our reheasals for many reasons and brought the work in a constant state of unstability:

  • the rules for physical meetings often changed
  • normal cold symptoms were indistinguishable from corona symptoms and therefore made us cancel meetings to avoid too high health risks
  • covid tests were not available until spring
  • the technical effort forced us to buy material, to improve our digital skills or to learn completely new stuff
  • the huge challenge to create a properly working streaming set up
  • and last but not least: the essential of turning a performative piece and concept into a streaming event  that works not only technically but artistically

creative solutions
And in doing so, we did our best to cope with what reality threw at us and enjoyed our artistic work! As freelance artists we are trained to be flexible. We are used to dealing with uncertainty and know how to stay creative even when resources are limited and circumstances are difficult. Probably a strong part of our professionalism is the fact that we can't stop being creative and enthusiastic in what we do. This brought us to solutions and enabled us to learn and invent new ways of working when needed. In fact this explains likely why artists are potentially natural researchers.

We considered our common work -beyond a conventional concept of an artistic production- more and more as a project of "artistic research". Therefore, our concept evolved in this respect, so that we also wanted to map the process of our working path in the context of our publication. As a consequence we considered our homepage no longer only as a detailed business card but as an equal part of our artistic production. The homepage should -parallel to the concept of a streaming event- show the aesthetic diversity of the results and the production paths of the participating artists for the visitors.

Thus, since November 2020, we worked in a mixture of digital group meetings, individual homework, and physical rehearsals-when possible.... and reflected this in parallel in the constant development and conception of the homepage. On the one hand for artistic reasons as a result of our research and on the other hand due to the fact that we need to be flexible to cope with a potentially constantly changing work situation, we had and still have to be open to change and develop our artist concept.

Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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