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Doi Park

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Doi Park

is a visual artist, an amateur farmer, and a librarian.
She is part the PoolLoop performance group and is researching on various intertwined relationships between “the natural“ and “the cultural“ within environmental issues.

Since beginning of the pandemic last year, she has started to draw one drawing per day, reflecting on herself and the precious moments of that particular day, as she is interested in habit-changing process and personal empowerment.

The Daily-Drawing-Project comes from the idea — erasing the gap between the art and the everyday life. This is something which she is strongly influenced by the international educational organization DALA (Dramatic Arts & Life Alliance : from South Korea, where she has been part of for many years.

She studied visual arts at the Berlin University of the Arts and philosophy/ethics at the Humboldt University of Berlin. During her study, she researched on artistic interventions in public spaces and how arts and other social fields can work together. Philosophically, she has been focussing on the social philosophy including eco-feminism and new materialism.

Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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