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Ferenc Kréti

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Ferenc Kréti

is a performer, director, facilitator, producer and lecturer in cultural education.
Graduate TUT Hannover - School for Dance, Comedy and Theater, studied performance art and FOOLING with FRANKI ANDERSON/ THE EMPTY SPACE PROJECT (Bristol/GB).
Founder of the interdisciplinary platform Theaterlabor Art Productions (T-LAP) 1999 and the NGO Theater, Kunst und Bildung e.V. in 2008. He is Freelancer in art, culture and education for 25 years.
The main artist focus of the last years has been the development of performative approaches in the context of artistic research with professionals and non-professionals in national and international projects (THE FOOL/TROUBADOUR Project, Hessische Schülerakademie Mittelstufe, Kulturschule Hessen, Exchange of German-French artists, etc.). Studied in Marburg and Frankfurt (cultural education, teaching).

He is a researcher in Creativity and Art and always strives to support and establish development and creation in personal and professional structures. Therefore he developed the concept of creative facilitation as the theoretical basis of his practical work and facilitation cooperating with state ministries, public and private organisations and individuals. For him, art represents an essential dimension in human live and needs an independant postion and language in society apart from political and economical needs and logic. A central question in relation to creativity is how creative action can be used constructively for a future worth living.

Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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