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If others had not been foolish - we should be so. WILLIAM BLAKE
Thank you for having visited our elements|stone|performance on Saturday May 15! The recorded live-performance video is now available.

poolloop art

»The place of the performance is an empty pool, which is filled with art. As an interior space the POOL is like a small ocean of possibilities. The LOOP does not mean the content as a repeating loop, but stands for the recurring (re)design of a space with artistic means.«

elements | under | stand

The project was formed in late summer 2020 by a group of independent artists coming from Korea, Georgia and Germany. The current project which runs in an indoor swimming pool, also gave us our name as a new artist group: poolloop. The artistic approach is inspired by Korean five-elements-philosophy, which describes the harmonic interaction of five different elements: stone, water, tree, fire and soil.

What lies »beneath«? As soon as we started to explore these elements, it soon became clear to the group that the subject is multi-faceted and complex. Within our (swimming) pool as our artistic laboratory and stage, we took the expression »elements | under | stand« as an underlying theme for our performative researche. How would we develop and performe the five elements from an individual artist point of view?

As a result of our artistic journey, our website shows our approach from a cross-disciplinary perspective and reflects a constant state of change.

Please excuse any potential errors you may find while exploring our homepage and enjoy our artistic results in the hope of not being taken too seriously...!

poolloop group
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